Water station contributes to sustainability

posted ago 3 years

According to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), less than half of the world’s population has access to safe drinking water. One billion and 200 million people (35% of the world’s population) have no access to treated water. This is a frightening figure, especially considering that our planet is made up of 75% water.

However, even with 75% water on earth, only 1% is available for use; this causes an imbalance in distribution, making drinking water scarce. In addition to population growth, urbanization and industrialization also increase the demand for the product.

With all this situation, how can we save or manage this 1% that we have available for use?

How to manage it? Water management means using water in a socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial way. That is why Incofios has tried to make its contribution to this sustainable administration.

In 2006 Incofios built an industrial water treatment plant (WTP), all the water used in the factory’s facilities is taken from the Benedito River through a collection station. This water receives the appropriate treatment and is distributed to the factory. After use, this water is returned to the environment.

It is important to point out that the water used in the company does not undergo any chemical process, so after its use it is returned to nature, cleaner than when we took removed it. This is our way of truly contributing to the environment.


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