Reverse Logistic


Incofios partners with Eureciclo to offset 100% of packaging

Partnership signed between Incofios and Eureciclo, the largest packaging reverse logistics certifier in Brazil, to eliminate the impact of its packaging from this year onwards. The certifier uses the concept of environmental compensation to send a mass of waste equivalent to that produced by the company for recycling.

The initiative is in line with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), which determines that the minimum target for reverse logistics for packaging generated by companies is 22%.
In the case of Incofios, the initiative goes beyond the legislation, 100% of the materials will be compensated, that is, for each package sold, another one of the same will be reused. “We chose to continue with the 100% compensation model because we believe in the positive impact that this initiative will generate for the environment and the people involved in this process”, says Vitor Rambo Junior, CEO of Incofios.

The compensation will be carried out in the 26 Brazilian states, including the Federal District, and includes product packaging, this initiative is in line with the DNA of Incofios being a pioneer in the textile industry in Brazil to contribute to the development of the packaging recycling chain.

Reverse logistics in several industrial segments grew in Brazil from the 1980s onwards, driven by the growth in waste generation, associated with changes in consumption habits and the popularization of packaging and disposable products. Today, general awareness of the need for environmental preservation has advanced exponentially, both in the corporate and public spheres.
The PNRS, established in 2010, is one of the most significant recent milestones on the subject, and distinguished waste (what can be reused or recycled) from tailings (not reusable), considering the various segments that produce products that are discarded. The legislation determines that manufacturers must be responsible for reverse logistics and environmentally correct final disposal.

This strategic partnership is helping us to build a fairer recycling network that generates income opportunities for people, contributing to the reuse of materials and reducing the impact on the environment.