Automation brings a differential to Incofios

posted ago 3 years

At all times, Incofios seeks to stand out through the technological innovations implanted in our factory. Investments in modern technology are a decisive factor to keep us always ahead in terms of quality and agility.

Our most recent purchase was an automatic packaging machine. Besides all the processes that have already had technological updates, this automation has brought a great ergonomic improvement for employees and, above all, greater quality and agility to serve our customers.

With Italian technology, the new packaging machine is composed of a bobbin feeding magazine to the machine that automatically packs them through a packaging device, a cardboard separator between the layers in the boxes, and an automatic palletizing module, allowing the transport and allocation of the boxes more securely and efficiently.

Employees who worked in this packaging area were trained in the use of the new machine. At Incofios we value our team and we understand that it is people who make our product a great differential.


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